Summer Greetings ☀️


I initially made this site with the intention of having at a personal art gallery/ portfolio site, but as I progressed in it's development, and as a person, I found that deep within me I had no desire to market myself. I've thus adjusted this site to be a purely for-fun personal project. The .art url is the last remnant of my former intentions of this site. I feel a little silly running the site with the url as it is, but I own the domain up until 2025-ish so I might as well make the best of it. Anyway, with that out of the way, thanks for stopping by! Glad to have you here.

On this personal website you will find:

Mini Badge Wall
Sometimes I'm Just Inactive Reach for the moon. If you miss you'll be among the stars. Pokmeon Moon's Logo artSuzy and Kris from Deltarune. Dialogue: Kris, where the Hell Are We?
Neocities Neighbors
Site Updates:

Artfight:I'm on seafoam! You can find my artfight profile here.
07.03.2024: Site is now live!
06.21.2024: Added banner art using Bryce art I commissioned from Vinders!
06.08.2024: Figured out the code for the OC gallery.
06.04.2024: Took a break, trying to get site live as soon as I can.
Decided to scrap the Art Gallery to just have an OC gallery!
12.27.2023: Updated sitemap links.
12.19.2023: Got a little burnt out working on the site but slowly trying to update!
7.21.2023: Working on links in about, credits, and resources.
7.20.2023: Bought a domain and linked it to neocities.
7.19.2023:Added Comic Pages! Custom CSS for Zelda comic.
7.11.2023-7.17.2023: Site planning/ mapping.
7.10.2023: Page / Site Creation!